Solaire Candles - Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Australian Candles.

  • Creative

    Our versatile candle wax fits into any container.

  • The universal sign for recycling signifies the sustainability of Solaire candles as you can recycle your old containers into new candles.


    Minimizes waste by eliminating excess containers.

  • A round circle with a tick through the middle to signify convenience, solaire candles are convenient because you can shake the container to redistribute the wax so it looks fresh, you can also take the wax and pour it into any new container you want to try.


    Revitalize your candle effortlessly.

  • A symbol for a plant, as Solaire candles are plant based.

    Plant Based

    Eco-friendly, Plant Based, Clean burn every time.

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How Do Solaire Candles Work?

  1. Find any shaped container.
  2. Fill the container with Solaire candle wax.
  3. Insert a wick leaving 1/4 inch exposed.
  4. Light the wick and enjoy the ambience.
  5. Once finished allow the wick to cool and remove it from the container.
  6. Gently shake the container to redistribute the wax, trim or replace the wick for a fresh candle experience every time.
Get Started

Solaire Candles: Embrace sustainability with our refillable candle wax. One Solaire Candle box is enough to fill any 800ml container.

  • A treasure box filled with Solaire candle wax, with a model boat and lighthouse ornaments fitting into a beach theme. this is to showcase the versatility of the Solaire candles, as you can fit it into any theme you can imagine.
  • This is an image is the Solaire candle wax inside a giant shell.
  • Solaire candles placed next to a big clock with mirror panels which reflect the glow and ambience of the light from the candles.
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