Find ANY Shaped Container

Here at Solaire Candles we truly believe in sustainability, that's why we created this candle wax to be highly versatile and fit into any appropriate container you have at your disposal*. This will drastically cut down on the waste involved with buying traditional candles.

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example of the container being filled with Solaire candle wax with the Solaire candle lid to the right which read Solaire.

Fill The Container With Solaire Candle Wax

Solaire candle wax is made from a non-toxic plant based wax, derived from renewable resources. This candle ensures a clean burn, emitting minimal soot and pollutants compared to traditional waxes.

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Insert a wick leaving 1/4 inch exposed

Each individual wick is made to last with up to 12 hours of burn time when used correctly (30 wicks included in every box).

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Solaire candles placed next to a big clock with mirror panels which reflect the glow and ambience of the light from the candles.

Light the wick and enjoy the ambience

Solaire Candle wax is designed to fit into any container*, meaning you can create your desired atmosphere effortlessly. Set the mood and immerse yourself in the warm glow, whether it's a cozy night in, a romantic dinner, or a moment of relaxation.

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example of removing the wick from your container, its as simple as when the wick and wax has cooled down, lift it out and replace the wick.

Once finished allow the wick to cool and remove it from the container

make sure to the wick has cooled down enough before placing it down on a surface as it could still be a fire hazard

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example of the wick that has been removed from the container and placed on a heat resistant surface after it has cooled down, the wax in the container looks as fresh as new as the wax has been redistrubuted with a quick shuffle of the glass to make it look flat again.

Gently shake the container to redistribute the wax trim or replace the wick for a fresh candle experience.

With solaire candles you wont have the unpleasant experience of a candle that tunnels and looks visually unappealing after a few uses, just give it a shake or add more wax and its like you have a brand new candle every time.

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*Always use an appropriate container when burning candles. The container should be heat resistant and measure a minimum of 10cm length by 10cm width. Using this candle inappropriately may lead to fire, harm or even death. We can not be held liable for any improper use of this product.